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The Importance of Routine for Children’s Learning

Every single one of us has a routine in some capacity or another…

It helps us to maintain consistency and stability throughout our lives, and this is even more important for our little ones who are presented with the uncertain challenge of navigating the world.

While a child’s routine may not be as strict as us adults, they are still relatively structured. For almost every child, there is nap time, playtime, time for meals, bedtime, etc.

When it comes to learning, routine is a child’s best friend. Here’s why…


Routine Provides A Sense Of Security


The world is a scary place for those who are new to it. 

Routines help to make environments seem more predictable, stable and safe for children. They will learn the procedures, expectations and who to trust based on how effective their routines are.

They will also gain confidence in themselves and their independence as they recognise increasingly what they are to do next.


It Influences Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Development


When a child has an effective routine, they have a context for learning. 

Little ones that have an effective routine are more likely to engage with their environment and the people around them.

This improves:

  • Social development
  • Emotional stability
  • Independence

Additionally, a routine provides valuable maths skills. For example:

  • Sequencing events
  • Determining relationships between things
  • Counting
  • Making simple calculations (e.g. in relation to time)

Often, it is during the most ordinary times that learning takes place for children.


Everyday Routines Are Teachable Moments


Using routines are a great way to get in the teachable moments that are crucial to your child’s development.

For example, getting in the habit of reading to them before bed will improve their literacy, memory and communication skills or getting them to wash their hands after using the bathroom will teach them the importance of hygiene. 

Building healthy, constructive habits into your child’s routine is going to be hugely beneficial to their learning and development in the long run.


Routines at Kindy


At Cubby Care childcare centres, we love routine and know how important it is.

Meals, activities and naptime are all built into our daily routines, while still leaving plenty of flexibility to allow your child to learn and play on their own terms.

For more information about our centres, contact the team today.



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