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Childrens’ Artwork – Why It’s Important to Put it on Display
Childrens' Artwork

Art is incredibly important in your child’s development, but what do you do with the work once they’ve completed it?

Putting your little one’s artwork on display can have incredible benefits for them, as well as adding a bit of fun to your home…

Shows Them Support


When your child sees their art on the fridge or framed on the wall, they will feel like the things that they do are valued. This will help to boost their confidence and self-esteem, which will have a positive domino effect on other areas of their life.

Children often express their emotions, thoughts and ideas through their artwork using symbols and colours. Seeing the work they have produced displayed will affirm this for them and give them a strong sense of self at the same time.

Documents Their Work


As they grow older, keeping their artwork from when they were younger can be a great way to document their growth. 

Keeping these things to look back on can be a sentimental token of their childhood and the memories made, especially when your child turns into an adult!

Encourages Creativity


If your child sees their work on display, it can be a motivator for them to make more! 

This will encourage them to explore their creative side and begin creating the foundation for an appreciation and love of art throughout their lives. 

Keeps You Involved


Seeing and placing value on the work your child produces can keep you engaged in what they are doing, especially when they’re at kindy. You’ll be able to identify their favourite colours, improvements and the extent of their imagination! 


At Cubby Care, we know the importance of displaying work to encourage creativity and boost confidence. We love showing off what our classes are capable of and are more than happy to share!

If you ever want to have a chat about what our childcare can offer, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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