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Cubby Care Experience

Under 2 years of age

In our specially designed nursery, your child will have the highest level of care from our experienced and qualified educators, lower staff to child ratios in this age group compared to other rooms will ensure your child gets the attention and interactions they require throughout the whole day.

2 to 3 years of age

In our Toddler rooms your child will be encouraged to explore, play and be curious about the environment around them. He/she will start the process of learning hand eye coordination, motor skills, toilet training and routine times in our fun and relaxed environment.

3 to 5 years of age

In our 3 to 5 years rooms social interaction becomes a real focus for this age, learning to reason, communicate effectively and interact through tailored programs within a happy, fun environment of encouragement, your child will start to build a foundation of manners and respect.

School age care including Government Approved Programs

Building on program of manners and respect, our experienced educators will progress your child’s learning experience to broaden his/her curiosity by focusing on self esteem, encouraging them to be future leaders in the community.

Before and After school care

Our operating hours ranges from 6am to 6:30pm, we provide before/after school care at most Cubby Care Centres. Our Before School Programs offer a friendly relaxed social time with activities to prepare children for the school day. Our After School Care program is a more active program with the children participating in group activities, social events and work stations set up so children can attend to homework and other educational activities.

Some services operate a courtesy bus that can pick your child up from school in the afternoon and/or drop your child off at school in the morning.