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5 Parenting Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Being a parent is a tough gig. 

Raising a child, keeping them safe, answering difficult questions and navigating everything else life has to throw at you and your kids isn’t easy. Unfortunately, there isn’t a rule book for it either.

However, it can be hugely beneficial to get some advice from those that have been in your shoes… and for those with a jam-packed schedule, a podcast can be a great way to get your info.

Here are our top five parenting podcasts that are worth the listen:

1. Parental As Anything, With Maggie Dent

‎Parental As Anything, with Maggie Dent is the ultimate parenting podcast. Maggie Dent is a much-loved Australian parenting expert, author and educator with plenty of experience under her belt.

Talking with other parenting experts, Maggie’s podcast is all about tackling the tough parenting questions. She provides practical, real-world solutions for the problems you face… including parenting in the digital age, temper tantrums and puberty. 

Tune in for ideas and advice on how to raise your child to be healthy, happy and thriving.

2. Too Peas in a Podcast

Melbourne mothers Mandy and Kate started Too Peas in a Podcast to share their experiences of raising twins with special needs.

However, this podcast isn’t just for those who have twins or kids with disabilities. 

The podcast has gained a cult following of all sorts of people, attracted to their brutal honesty and natural chemistry.

Occasionally joined by special guests, the pair laugh and cry about the struggles and joys of parenthood, creating a sort of online therapy session where you are guaranteed to giggle. 

For those parenting on the road less travelled, or if you just want something awesome to listen to, this is the parenting podcast for you. 

3. Parenting In A Pandemic

2020 has turned parenting on its head. 

With lockdowns and school closures, the pandemic has brought about some big changes for those with little ones… but Parenting in a Pandemic is here to guide you through it. 

This parenting podcast is hosted by Professor Matthew Sanders, founder of the internationally acclaimed Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, and provides some great advice and tips on how to navigate these uncharted waters.

4. Gotta Be Done – The Bluey Podcast

Every Australian parent knows (and loves) ABC TV’s Bluey. 

Gotta Be Done – The Bluey Podcast dives into each Bluey episode and explores how they relate to parenting in the real world. 

For those as Bluey-obsessed as these two Melbourne mums, you won’t want to miss this parenting podcast!

5. The Dad Kit

Hosted by Sean Szeps, The Dad Kit aims at unpacking everything dad-related. Each episode, a well-known Aussie dad is welcomed onto the show to share their experience.

We’ve come a long way from seeing fathers as absent, emotionless, overworked parenting-buffoons and Sean’s podcast explores how gender roles and family dynamics have changed over the years. 

As a father to boy-girl twins himself, this is a great podcast for parents and non-parents alike… give it a listen!


At Cubby Care, we love parenting podcasts! We are always looking for ways to improve the level of care and education at our childcare centres. Contact Us to talk to our team or book a tour of our centres. 



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