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How To Inspire Your Child To Love Reading

Learning to read is an important part of a child’s cognitive development. Reading helps them get to know sounds and words and develop early literacy skills. It also sparks their imagination and stimulates curiosity, all the while helping their brains, social skills and communication skills develop.

It’s important to remember that all children progress and learn at different rates, and even if reading comes easily to them, sometimes children will find reading boring or show disinterest.

There’s many reasons why they might not like reading, but you can help them along their reading journey.

Here’s a few ways to help your child learn to read and even grow to love it…

Make time for reading

It’s important that you set aside time at home for reading so that it doesn’t get sidelined. Sometimes busy schedules can make reading feel rushed and like a chore, but giving children a special time to read will help them relax and enjoy it. Having set aside reading time will also help it become a habit for them.

Read aloud with your children

Reading aloud with your children will help them understand and sound-out words and it will also spark their curiosity in storytelling.

Make sure the books are appropriate for their level

They will quickly lose motivation if the material they are reading is way beyond their reading abilities. Make sure the book is appropriate for them and something that interests and entertains them.

Create a cozy reading space

Having a safe and comfortable space for reading will help children relax and come to associate reading with a relaxing, quiet time.

Give them a variety of reading material

Everyone immediately thinks of story picture books, but you can expand on this – think about comics or magazines that would interest them, how-to books, even joke books. Reading different genres and styles will help expand their knowledge and help them discover what they love to read.

Get then to read easy picture books to younger siblings

This is a great way to get reluctant readers engaged. Not only will it require them to practice their reading out loud, but sometimes the best way of learning is through teaching. Get them to spell out and explain words and sentences to someone else to help solidify their knowledge.

Demonstrate a love of reading

We all know children learn from example, so one of the best ways for them to develop a love of reading is seeing their parents enjoying it. Take the time to read together independently and show them that reading is something that you prioritise and love doing.



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