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Camping with Littlies – The Top Tips

It’s almost school holidays again and winter is the perfect time to head off camping with your littlies. It’s time for campfires and marshmallows and sleeping bags. 

Camping with little kids can be a wonderful experience for everyone, but it can also be stressful; there’s lots to organise and prepare. Here are some top tips to make this your best family holiday yet. 

  • Pack light: Try not to overpack with just-in-case items. It just means more for you to lug around and more weight on the car. Also plan simple meals and snacks to reduce the amount of food you need to pack.
  • Be prepared for all types of weather: The weather in Queensland can be a bit unpredictable. Even though it’s winter, it’s generally warm during the day. Make sure you have both cool and warm clothes for your kids. Also, be prepared in case of rain and storms by checking the forecast before you go. 
  • Break up long drives: Long drives can be boring and can make kids restless. Make sure to take breaks for your kids to run around and release their energy. It’s also important to switch drivers every two hours or take a break to reduce fatigue. 
  • Set up camp before dark: Once you arrive at your campsite, you should set up your tent, campervan or caravan first before exploring. It’s much easier to set up before dark. Also teach your kids how to help with setting up and chores like collecting twigs for the fire. If you’re having a campfire, it’s also much easier if you build and light it before dark. 
  • Don’t forget lighting: Remember to take torches for walking around the campsite during the night. Also take some camp lanterns or lights for your tent or van, so that you’re not trying to prepare dinner in the dark. 

Going camping with your family is the perfect way to escape from school routines to the great outdoors. Campground and caravan parks in Queensland are ready to welcome you back, with covid-safe measures in place.

Start planning and booking your holiday now and the last few weeks of the school term will fly by. Have a great trip!

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