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The 10 Best Rainy Day Activities For Kids

If you’ll excuse the pun – rainy days can sometimes put a bit of a damper on things. Whether it’s a light drizzle or pouring down, we’re all well versed in the effect that wet weather can have on our kids, and “Mum… I’m bored!” is a phrase we’ve all heard one too many times on a wet weather day. There’s something about the rain that makes kids a little stir crazy, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Cubby Care has rounded up the 10 best Rainy Day Activities For Kids that will leave little hands and minds occupied, and give mum and dad some respite from the infamous kid-cabin fever.

1. Have A Veg Out Day
Sometimes the most obvious answer is the best. Rainy weather is the perfect way to curl up on the couch and watch your family’s favourite movies. The cooler weather is the perfect time to sip on a hot chocolate – but if it’s more of a tropical rain situation, try some fresh juice and popcorn.

2. Dust Off The Board Games
With all the electronics and screens kids have access to, it’s sometimes easy to forget the old favourites. Games like Kids Monopoly, Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders can be just as fun (if not foreign, new and exciting) to a young mind. If you’re after some board game inspo ideas for the under 5’s, you can find it here!

3. Build A Fort
The old classic that seems to out last every generation of kids – the indoor fort. Drape a blanket over your dining table, pop a few pillows and a blanket underneath and encourage your kids to play, read or watch movies in their new make believe fortress.

4. Encourage Their Inner Bookworm And Head To The Library
Just because you can’t play outside doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house! The library is a free outing that will allow your kids to explore their creativity independently. Allow them to pick out their own books and let them take their time exploring the resources your local library has to offer!

5. Make The Most Of Your Local Museum
Visiting your local museum or art gallery is another sure fire way to protect against cabin fever while staying out of the rain and sticking to a budget. No matter where you live, most cities will have some sort of educational museum, science centre or art gallery with free exhibitions.

6. Create Your Own Playdough
For this recipe, you’ll already have most of the ingredients in the cupboard – and no baking is required! This one’s a double whammy as there’s both fun in your kids creating and playing with it.

7. Disguise Learning Time As Screen Time
Many of us shy away from allowing our kids to spend too much time in front of an iPad, phone, or laptop, but the simple truth is that it can actually be beneficial! There are tonnes of apps out there that are designed to be educational, and your child will be happy to participate if it means a little time in front of a screen.

8. Bake Treats Together
Most kids love baking, and it’s an easy way to get snacks ready for the rest of the week. Try your hand at something together and learn about nutrition along the way – if you’re worried that things might get a little difficult, read our 8 Steps To Successfully Baking With Young Children here.

9. Release Their Inner Picasso With Make-It-At-Home Finger Paint
This easy to make finger paint recipe is a sure fire way for your kids to get a little creatively messy.

10. Button Up Your Raincoat – We’re Heading Out!
As long as it’s not pouring down, don’t discount the opportunity to allow your child to have a play in the rain and appreciate just how wondrous and magical it can be. Make sure they’re covered up with an umbrella or raincoat and gumboots of course – and remember that everyone has to experience the fun of splashing through a puddle at least once in their life.


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