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The Best Musical Instruments For Young Children To Learn
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Looking back, many of us wish we had picked up an instrument earlier in life so it’s a great idea to offer your child this great opportunity when they’re young.

While they may not become a musical prodigy, learning an instrument has a range of benefits for your child’s development. Check out our blog on the 5 Unexpected Reasons Music Is Essential For Child Development for just how beneficial can be!

For younger kids, you’ll want an instrument suitable for their age. So which one should you choose?


The guitar is arguably one of the most popular instruments out there, and is quite suitable to (almost) any age. It’s relatively inexpensive, will teach your child the basics of music and a great activity for both parent and child!


Many children learn the piano growing up, but for younger ones a keyboard is a much better option than their much larger counterpart!

Playing the keyboard can teach kids multitasking, help with concentration, improve fine motor skills and lower stress and is a great instrument to be able to play later on in life. 


Although easy to play, the harmonica is a hard one to master. While your little one may not be able to play it well, it can be a great instrument to introduce them to the world of music at a very low cost to you. 

As they get older, it can also help with multitasking skills as there is the option to play it at the same time as other instruments!


The xylophone is one of the simplest instruments so it’s great for little ones. They often have bright colours and sometimes animations too that will be especially attractive for young children and learning great for getting basic melodies (while also being easy on the ears!).


The triangle is the simplest entry point to the musical world. As it is a percussion instrument, it teaches them tempo and rhythm from the onset of their musical endeavours. It generally accompanies other instruments and therefore will get your child into a social setting. 

At Cubby Care we incorporate music into our day and the kids absolutely love making musical noise with their instruments. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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