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8 Easy Birthday Party Games For Kids
birthday party games

For our kids, birthday parties are the highlight of their year. For Mum and Dad? Not so much. Planning a party can be a huge responsibility. You’ve already got so many factors to consider (food, location, who you’ll invite) and keeping everybody entertained is just one more thing you’ll need to tick off the list.

If you are lost on how to keep a large group of kids occupied for several hours, you’re not alone! Coming up with a list of games that everyone will enjoy is no easy feat, but there’s no need to stress. Cubby Care has compiled a list of the best and easiest 8 party games that kids of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy. The best part? They’re all either cheap or completely free, and require minimal supplies. Read on to find out how to make your child’s next birthday party their best yet!

1. Pass The Parcel

An old favourite – does this really need explaining? Save on money by using newspaper and fill each layer with wrapped lollies and sweets rather than toys.

2. Obstacle Course

You can use anything you have at home to create this one! Set up your own DIY obstacle course in the backyard, and provide a small prize for whoever finishes first. Cushions, chairs and sheets disguised as forts make great additions to this one.

3. Sack Race

Hessian sacks might be hard to get a hold of, so for this one, head to your local op-shop and purchase enough pillowcases for the amount of kids you’ve invited. This is a great one to play in relay style if it’s a large party!

4. Musical Chairs

Another old favourite that’s entirely free. Set up some chairs or cushions in a circle and let the birthday boy/girl choose the music!

5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can be super simple, or a little more complex depending on your child’s age. To keep it simple, hid a range of lollies or small toys around your back yard, and each child can keep what they find. An alternate version could involve the kids looking for tokens, and whoever collects the most is the winner of a single prize.

6. Make Your Own Pinata

Did you know you can make your own pinata at home? It’s super easy, guarantees extra fun with your kids, and is friendly on your wallet!

7. Pin The Tail On The Donkey

This is another crowd favourite that can be made DIY. A simple Google search will provide plenty of templates for this old classic. Depending on what your kids are into, you can vary it with different characters; like Elsa from Frozen, or one of the Minions from Despicable Me.

8. Limbo

Got a broomstick? You’ve got limbo! To start, hold it to about stomach height with two other adults, and gradually lower it as the kids play. Whoever lasts the longest without touching their hands to the limbo stick or to the ground is the winner!


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