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Best Christmas Craft To Do With Your Kids
Christmas Craft

With Christmas just a few sleeps away, the festive season is in full swing!

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to tap into your creative side with some Christmas crafts that you and your kids will love!

No Sew Sock Snowman

Bring white Christmas to you with this adorable DIY snowman.

To make your own, all you have to do is fill a sock with rice, put a rubber band around the middle to create the head and body, and glue on eyes, buttons and a scarf!

Your kids will love customising their snowman and you’ll finally find something to do with that pairless sock!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a crowd favourite here at Cubby Care. There are heaps of recipes online to please your taste buds, but the part your kids will love is decorating.

Get some cookie cutters, icing sugar and food dye to create your own Christmas-themed cookies. You can even leave them out for Santa… if they last that long!


Pinecone Tree

If you’ve got a pine tree near you, you’ll have plenty of pinecones and there are a bunch of great Christmas crafts that you can use them for.

A favourite of ours is the Pinecone Christmas Tree. Simply paint your pinecone green, add some dots as ‘ornaments’, put a paper star on top and you’ve got your own mini Christmas tree! 


Salt Dough Ornaments

Making your own Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree is always a fun festive activity, but with salt dough, you’ll be able to make them last much longer than paper. 

Get creative by using your kids’ hand and footprints and turn them into Santa and his reindeers. They will also serve as memories of just how small they used to be when your kids grow up!

Check out the tutorial here for how to make your own.


Handmade Christmas Cards

It’s a classic Christmas craft, but making Christmas cards is still an awesome activity for you and your little ones.

Bust out the paper, pencils and glue to help them make their own festive letters to give to their family and friends to brighten their holiday!


We love Christmas at Cubby Care and would love to see what you and your family have crafted this festive season so get in touch!


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