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10 Ways To Teach Your Children About Sustainability
children about sustainability

Talking to your kids about sustainability is an important part of teaching them about the world around them and their impact on the earth. It also helps kids understand the process of how their food and other items are made and how they can become less wasteful. Learning to be more sustainable can be fun!

Here’s 10 fun and simple ways you can teach your children about sustainability and instill in them compassion for the world around them.

1. Reuse items for crafts

Before throwing things out or recycling them, think about using them for fun arts and crafts items. It’s time to get creative!

2. Plant a garden

Whether you have a big backyard or a small balcony, planting a garden or planter-box is a great way to show children how things grow and can also help them learn patience.

3. Play outside

Playing outside will help children learn more about and enjoy the environment around them. Just make sure they’re being sun safe.

4. Read books about the earth

There are plenty of great books about the earth and sustainability. You can use these to help children in their reading journey and to learn more about sustainability at the same time.

5. Make a worm farm

Worm farms require a bit more space, but they are a great way to show children what is happening in the soil underneath them and teach them about the smaller but still very important creatures in nature.

6. Compost

Composting at home is easier than ever, particularly with many council programmes of community composting. Pick up a caddy from your local council office, find out where your closest drop off point is and get the kids active in the composting process at home.

7. Make a recycle station

By making a special place to sort and store recycling, you are showing kids how important it is. Get kids involved in making labels for each recycling bin and make sorting recycling into a game.

8. Collect bottles and cans for cash

You can make recycling bottles and cans even more enticing for kids by collecting them for the container refund scheme. You can learn more about the Queensland scheme here. It’s also a great way for them to earn pocket money too.

9. Pick up rubbish

The next time you go for a walk around your neighbourhood or to the beach, take a bag and some gloves with you and make picking up rubbish a game for the whole family. Just be careful that kids aren’t picking up any dangerous items.

10. Visit a farmers market

Visiting a farmers market will show kids that produce isn’t just something that appears on supermarket shelves. You might also get to meet the farmers themselves and you can talk to them about growing food and making the most of what’s in season in your area.



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