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5 Free Weekend Activity Ideas For Kids

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head on a Friday afternoon, wondering how you’ll manage to keep the kids entertained for the next 2 days? Coming up with ideas to keep little ones occupied can often be difficult, and quite often expensive. Most kids don’t take any issue letting their parents know what they’d like to do on the weekend. But unfortunately, a trip to the toy store or a day at a theme park or zoo isn’t always feasible… or financially viable.

Cubby Care has compiled a list of 5 free weekend activity ideas for kids that won’t require your wallet, and will even entertain Mum and Dad, too!

1. Have A Movie Marathon

Tried and tested, a couple of hours spent in the lounge room is an easy option for a family who finds it hard to agree. This is also a great way to beat boredom if the weather outside has made it hard to leave the house. If you’re worried about getting stuck watching something that will have you falling asleep, you need not be – we’ve already put together a list of family friendly movies that can be enjoyed by all ages.

2. Visit A National Park

If you prefer to get outdoors, make a day of it and head to one of Australia’s beautiful National Parks – chances are no matter where you live, there’ll be one within a couple of hours drive. Google the best walking trails to take before you get there, and pack a picnic so that you won’t need to buy lunch!

3. Take A Trip To Bunnings

No… seriously. Bunnings isn’t just for adults – and it’s up there with K-mart as one of those stores you can get lost in for hours. Most Bunnings stores have indoor playgrounds, and offer free workshops for kids. Coincide your next visit with their timetable and pick up whatever you need for your next home reno while you’re at it! Just try your best to resist the weekend sausage sizzle while you’re there…

4. Feed The Ducks

Feeding the ducks is a timeless novelty for kids of any generation. If you live near a river, a natural creek or a brook, this one is easy for you! Turn it into an afternoon walk and bring a ball for playtime afterwards.

5. Visit Your Local Council Pool For A Swim

There are an abundance of free pools and swimming spots across Australia that are free and accessible. As school holidays become near and the weather heats up, this is an idea that most kids won’t be able to say no to! Remember your sunscreen, hats and water and make a day of it. If you’re in Queensland, you can find a great list of free public pools here. If not, a simple Google search will show you where to find somewhere to cool off that won’t cost a cent!


With the end of the year approaching, these activities are also great ideas for school holiday boredom. Have you thought about OHSC or 2020 enrolment for your kids yet? Contact us today to make sure you don’t miss out!



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