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Best 10 Mum Bloggers of 2020 in Australia

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Australian Mummy bloggers of 2020! Follow the journey of these women as they talk all things motherhood, children, family and parenting hacks.

Christine Knight – Adventure, Baby!

Christine Knight lives in Sydney, Australia with her daughter and husband. Her blog Adventure, Baby! is ‘for anyone who wants to get more out of their life with kids and wants to turn every moment into an adventure.’

When she’s not exploring her home city, Christine’s little family LOVES to travel! Most notably, the family have visited the USA, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Follow along on their adventures through Instagram.

Nicole Avery – Planning With Kids

Nicole Avery is a Melbourne mum to five beautiful kids aged 19 to 9.  Nic is slightly addicted to spreadsheets, tea, running, and CrossFit. Her current goals are to detach from the old, and embrace the new to nurture a family spirit of adventure.

Zoë Foster Blake

Zoë Foster Blake is the proud mother of two beautiful children. She is also a successful journalist, a published author and has recently launched her skincare line. Through her blog, Zoë speaks candidly about the challenges of being a working mum, her pregnancies and travelling with children.

Zoë openly admits that she sometimes forgets, has no time and is confused when it comes to parenting. She credits the internet for helping her become a better mum and intends to pay back the favour by writing blog posts to pass on all her knowledge.

Follow Zoë on her working mum journey through Instagram.

Marcia Leone –
Not So Mumsy

Marcia Leone lives in Sydney, is a mother of two and the author of the blog Not So Mumsy. ‘Mumsy’ is a term that refers to completely losing oneself to motherhood. Not So Mumsy is a blog for women who want to love and embrace motherhood, but also want to remain their own person.

Through her blog, Marcia continues to indulge in all things she loved pre-kids, such as fashion, beauty and travel, sharing advice on how she now includes her young children in these activities.

Follow Marcia style, life and parenting adventures on her Instagram.

Olivia White –
House of White

Olivia White lives in Melbourne, is a mother to two children and the author of House of White. When Olivia’s first birth didn’t go as she expected, she turned to social media for reassurance that what she was experiencing was normal. As she read the stories of other women all around Australia and grew more comfortable in her parenting skills, Olivia started sharing her own stories and experiences to give back to a community that had given so much to her.

The House of White blog shares parenting stories, messages about motherhood and daily relatable struggles. Olivia is also a strong advocate for women empowerment and body positivity.

Follow the White family on Instagram.

Nicole Bunyon – Running Mums Australia

Nicole is the Founder of Running Mums Australia, which is an Australian wide running network for mums who love to run. Our aim is to encourage, equip and empower other mums, as a mum and a runner in your running journey. It has been created to champion the everyday woman.
Jess Dempsey – What Would Karl Do?

Jess Dempsey is a fashion blogger and mum of three boys who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her blog, ‘What Would Karl Do?’, is inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, who worked for Chanel for more than 30 years. Since starting her blogging journey, What Would Karl Do? has evolved to include more of Jess’s personal life.

On her blog, Jess has shared her past birth experiences and continues to share her honest motherhood experiences. For all things work, life, kids and of course, fashion! Jess Dempsey is your girl.

Follow Jess on Instagram.

Brittany Noonan

Brittany Noonan is a personal trainer, mother of two and a trainer for the Move Mama fitness program. On her blog, she shares the highs and lows of motherhood, parenting advice and mum wellness tips. Brittany strives to help others find the best balance between business, fitness, being a mother, a friend and of course, your own person by sharing her own experiences.

Follow Brittany on Instagram.

Emily –
Love By Emily

Emily lives in Perth, Australia and is a mother of two children. The Love By Emily blog was started as a way to document her motherhood journey so that Emily could look back on it in years to come. She admits to feeling somewhat lonely during her pregnancy and used her blog to share her fears, concerns, thoughts and feelings during a time of vulnerability.

These days, Love By Emily is a place for Emily to share her daily life in the form of beauty, style, wellbeing and motherhood. The blog is a community for mothers to meet and connect.

Follow Emily on Instagram.

Steph Pase –
Just Another Mummy Blog

Steph Pase is a makeup artist, mother of two girls and author of Just Another Mummy Blog. Her blog is an outlet on which Steph shares her stories, ideas and most inner thoughts about the ‘crazy’ experience that is motherhood.

When Steph isn’t blogging about parenting, you’ll also find her writing about her other passions, which include interiors, organisation, fashion, beauty and fitness. Just Another Mummy Blog is an excellent place for organisation tips, interior style, mum life, mental health and makeup tricks.


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