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Pacifiers, Pros and Cons – Are They Really That Bad?
Are pacifiers really that bad?

If you’ve got a baby on the way, you’ll likely be busy collecting everything the new baby needs – clothes, onesies, nappies and carriers. However, there is one item that many parents stop and wonder whether or not they should purchase… pacifiers.

Perspectives around pacifiers are varied, with many people concerned about potential health and development issues for your baby. On the other hand, there are some benefits to using pacifiers for you and your baby, when used with the following guidelines in mind. 

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of pacifier pros and cons for you to consider. 

Pacifier Pros:

On the one hand, pacifiers can help to:

  • Calm your baby
  • Distract your baby
  • Help your baby fall asleep
  • Reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS
  • Help your baby clear ear pressure when flying
  • Habit can be easier to break than sucking thumb

Pacifier Cons:

However, there is some evidence that suggests that pacifiers can possibly:

  • Interfere with feeding
  • Lead to your baby become dependent on pacifier
  • Cause dental issues (only if still in use when baby is 3 years old)
  • Increase risk of ear infections

So, when should you start and stop using a pacifier for your baby? 

A healthy breastfed baby should only begin when feedings are well established. For bottle-fed babies, it is a good idea to wait until they are back to birth weight.

Weaning off pacifiers can be done in one day or gradually, and should really be completed by six months of age to prevent issues with teething and speech.

Like many other things when it comes to your baby, there’s no clear cut answer to using pacifiers. The truth is, every baby and their needs are unique. That means that what worked for one baby may be completely different than what works or is preferred by another little one.

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