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5 Common Childcare Myths – And Why They’re Not True

As a parent, it goes without saying that you’ll receive a lot of advice and recommendations about the best way to look after your child. And when you’re trying to choose a daycare? You’ll probably hear a lot of negative stories – but the fact is that most of them won’t be true!

In the spirit of transparency, Cubby Care has 6 of the top myths being spread about early childhood education, plus evidence to debunk the claims, one-by-one.

1. Child Care Is Understimulating, Which Causes Behavioural Issues

A good child care centre provides a variety of different and engaging activities, like music, physical education, language, and yoga to stimulate learning and education. In fact, you will probably find that a regular child care routine will help to reinforce positive behaviour, rather than the opposite.

2. Child Care Negatively Affects a Child’s Relationship With Their Parents

The fact is that the connection between a parent and child is a special one, and one we know can NEVER be replaced. If you and your child spend meaningful time together when they’re not at kindy, this isn’t something you should need to worry about. A strong, healthy attachment to a parent is something that forms within a child naturally, and isn’t something child care can take away.

3. Child Care Centres Serve Unhealthy Food, Which Leads To Health Issues and Obesity in Children

A good child care centre, like Cubby Care, will always have a strong focus on healthy food and nutrition.

At Cubby Care, We offer a 4-week rotating menu at the service that is developed from the five food groups. It limits the foods that are high in saturated fats, added sugars and added salt. We always ensure our children will be getting the essential nutrients for good health, growth and development.

4. Carers Don’t Have Enough Time To Give My Child The Attention They Require

By law, Australian Child Care Centres have to adhere to strict guidelines when responsible for the care of your child, so this just isn’t true!

Cubby Care has ensured that all children receive the attention and care they require by only hiring qualified and experienced educators who embed The Early Years Framework, The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and My Time our Place. The three key elements that are within the framework are our Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes. Together these elements are used to create learning programs that are reflective of our individual centre, children and families.

5. All Child Care Centres Are The Same

Choosing a child care facility that suits you and your child comes down to individual preference, and you should consider factors important to you and your child’s development when making the decision. Consider staff, menu, daily activities, other children and the physical environment. Many parents report that their “gut instinct” kicks into gear when they’re researching child care facilities.

Make the time to visit our Cubby Care centres, talk to the carers and show your child around, and you will get a great sense of whether the centre will work for you.


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