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What Role Does Nutrition Play In My Child’s Wellbeing?
Kids and healthy foods

Most of us know eating a well balanced nutritious diet is directly linked to our health and wellbeing, but did you know nutrition plays a special role in children’s health and development…

According to the World Health Organisation: children who don’t receive the right amount of nutritious food from an early age can fall ill, have delays in motor and mental development and suffer health problems beyond childhood. All of which will impact wellbeing.

But what other role does nutrition play in children’s wellbeing?

First of all, let’s look at what nutrition is. Nutrition is the means of getting or providing the correct types of food for growth and health. Inadequate nutrition is malnutrition and includes under-nutrition and over-nutrition

The Australian Institute of Family Studies states “Overweight and obesity affects 25% of Australian children and adolescents, and is associated with poorer health and wellbeing”

A child’s sense of wellbeing comes from a healthy lifestyle, where happiness and confidence can grow.

Unfortunately, the social stigma of childhood obesity significantly affects the wellbeing of young children. They often face disadvantages and difficulties due to their weight and associated health problems. 

A healthy, balanced diet is so important during childhood for physical growth and cognitive function…

Ausmed mentions that mental function such as learning, memory and attention is highly dependent on the quality of nutrition during childhood. Inadequate nutrition can lead to reduced interest in learning and reduced energy levels.

Similarly, physical growth is at an all-time high for young children and inadequate nutrition can affect growth rate, height and weight. 

These negative impacts can play a huge part in a child’s wellbeing and can affect their physical and mental health into adulthood.

Nutrition plays a major role in how a child physically and mentally develops and ultimately impacts their health and wellbeing. As a parent, you play a key role in ensuring your child eats a balanced diet and has opportunities to learn about nutrition.

Here at Cubby Care, we understand the importance of healthy eating habits and focus on early learning through fun and encourage development and growth through play. Get in touch to learn about our centres.