Kindest Kind of People | Cubby Care

The kindest kind of people make the best kind of educators


Early Childhood Teacher

As an experienced ECT, I understand the importance of a supportive management team.  Not only is Cubby Care a happy, supportive and enthusiastic place to work, it is a family.  We are surrounded by a natural environment that provokes interest and experimentation, whilst allowing each child and staff member to feel loved and like they truly belong.



I stay with Cubby Care because I am a part of the family here and it just feels like home.  It is a happy, welcoming environment full of happy educators and families, and I love the natural space and our farm, and that we are authentic and genuinely connected to the environment.


Assistant Director

The moment I stepped through the gates, I knew that I had found my new home.  Cubby Care genuinely cares for their employees and ensure we all feel a sense of belonging.  I love being a part of the Cubby Care family because they value us, invest in us and support us.



It’s such a privilege to spend time with children during such a crucial time in their life. We get to watch them grow, reach milestones and experience the world through their curious and wander-struck minds. Educators honestly have the best work stories with all the funny stuff we hear from children everyday. I love working at cubby care because we value being in the moment. And children’s happiness comes before paper work or any task. We all understand how precious it is to spend time with tiny humans and that’s why I love working here.